Bury Sherri

The Morning Hot Tub with G-Rant and Sherri K gives you your chance to Bury Sherri every week day morning just after 8am!

G-Rant will provide 3 trivia questions to you and Sherri K. Whoever answers more questions correctly will WIN. Go 0/3 and the win goes to SHERRI K. (Don't hate)

If you are able to be legendary and Bury Sherri, you will win the "I Buried Sherri" premium beverage holder filled with fun, hope, excitement and bragging rights PLUS an Old Rock Roastery gift card:


3/3 Bury Sherri CHAMPS!
Brian Bortolotti- March 8th 
Bobbie Smith - February 22nd
Brendan - April 28th
Sherri K. - April 28th
Patrick Picard - June 15th
Sherri K. - June 15th
Emily Labrosse - June 21st
Sheri White - July 4th
Chantal Rioux - October 24th

 Bury Sherri is sponsored by Old

Rock Roastery



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